Free data up to 10 GB from ONEXOX’s Season Pass FAT!

Have you heard of ONEXOX before? We believe you do because it has been in the market for quite some time and as far as we know, this is the only prepaid plan which gives you 28 months of validity, terms and conditions apply. To add on, this prepaid plan from XOX Mobile Malaysia (XOX MOBILE) gives you the flexibility to choose what you need, thus giving more value for your money.


FAT is Fab with ONEXOX

Recently, ONEXOX has introduced a new choice of subscription which is called as Season Pass FAT. Under this, you have two options, the 10 GB data pass (RM 50) and the 5 GB data pass (RM 30) and the best part is, you will enjoy 28 months of validity when you subscribe to any of these passes (or both passes together, if you need to). Now, how does this work exactly? The data that you purchase will be kept in a system called Season Pass Counter. So let’s say you only need to use only 1 GB of data, then you can activate just the amount of data that you need. The activated data will have a validity of 30 days.

So let’s say you have purchased the 10 GB pass in May but you will be travelling to Japan from June to November. You do not need to worry about your entire data being expired because you can activate just enough e.g. 1 GB until you leave to Japan. Once you are back in November, then  you can make use of the remaining amount of data. Got it?



New subscriber enjoys double FAT

If you are a new ONEXOX subscriber where your line was activated from 23rd May 2017 onwards, you can enjoy double the data amount that you’ve subscribed. For instance, if you purchase Season Pass FAT 10 GB, you will get 10 GB + another 10 GB (a total of 20 GB). Same goes for the 5 GB pass.

However, you need to take note that the free data will be activated instantly. Yes, it will NOT be stored in your Season Pass Counter and as such, you need to plan to use up the free data within 30 days.

Also, the max free data that you will receive is capped at 10 GB. So if you purchase more passes, you will only receive a total of 10 GB free data.


Sharing is CARING

Do you have more friends or family members who are using ONEXOX plan? Because we have a good news for you. Do you know that you can share your unused data (which has not been activated and still in your Season Pass Counter) with your friends and family? Well, we doubt you will share your unused data but in case your mom, dad, siblings or friends have any unused data in their account, you can grab some from them.  :)


How to purchase Season Pass FAT?

If you have just purchased your SIM card and have not subscribed to Season Pass FAT, you have 10 days validity to do so once you line has been activated. To purchase your passes, please do the following.

  • Send text message – SP FAT10 or SP FAT5 to 23388.
  • Once your subscription has been initiated, activate the data you need via *150#
  • You can also share your unused data via *150#

You can also purchase your passes via


More rewards on your way

XOX MOBILE has more rewards in their sleeves just for you. They are giving attractive prizes and freebies to new subscribers for trusting and choosing XOX MOBILE as their telecommunication service provider. As for the Season Pass FAT promo (free data for new subscribers), you can enjoy this promo from 23rd May 2017 to 31st August 2017.

Other than Season Pass FAT, they also offer many other exciting promos and value for money subscriptions which you just can’t afford to miss. As such, you must visit their website and take advantage of all their exciting offers.

For more information about this plan or anything related to XOX MOBILE, please visit their website – or their Facebook page – You can also call them at 1300 888 010 to inquire.


* This is a sponsored post. All information are as per given by advertiser. 

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