Travelling made easier, thanks to Traveloka app.

Travelling is fun but making a travel plan is not an easy task for most of us. What are we doing wrong when it comes to planning?

Those days without technology, we admit it is not easy to do a travel plan but now, with rapid digital transformation and innovation, we can no longer give same excuses anymore because there are many new ways to plan and make your trip more exciting. The complicated part of planning is no longer in your itinerary and you are now left with only the fun part because everything becomes simpler, faster and hassle free.

So, when is your next travel date? Have you planned your travel? If you have a smartphone, why not try Traveloka app? It is one important tool that you must have to make travelling much easier and more fun. This application is indeed made to enhance your travel experience where everything is brought directly to you so that you do not need to do all the unnecessary runner job. Basically, everything is now at your fingertips, thanks to Traveloka app.

Since its launch in August 2014, this mobile application has already made its way to the top list of ‘travelling application’ category in GooglePlayStore as well as iTunes app store. As of today, Traveloka App is still the #1 top free travel and local mobile app in Google PlayStore and has been downloaded by more than 5 million users. Let we emphasize this…..this app is 100% FREE.


Traveloka App provides the complete lists of your travel accommodations in international scope. From just your smartphone, you can access more than 100K overseas routes and more than 70k hotels worldwide for your trip. With the affiliation with the best yet famous airlines and hotels in the world, Traveloka App brings countless selections right to your palm. Furthermore,these are the cheapest rate that you could ever find.

The newest version of Traveloka App (v 2.4) comes with a better user interface. It’s clean, simple, user-friendly, and shows the latest promo and features on the homepage. All you need is just one minute to find your flight and hotels all around the world.

You can even adjust the application based on your country (now covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) so that you will be shown the most accurate search result that indicates the price in your currency as well as all locally available promos.


The Traveloka App Malaysia version is very easy to use. The homepage shows you the headline that contains the highlight of the latest promo and the main menu of flight and hotel booking. Right at the bottom of the app, there are 3 menu tabs -Home, My Booking, and My Account. Again, just tap accordingly to get going.

Using a smart algorithm, Traveloka App can show the most accurate and complete list of flights and hotels within seconds, based on your search option. The search results can be sorted and filtered with particular options (prices, duration, location, popularity, rating, airlines, star rating, etc.) which helps you to decide better and faster. On the flight search on particular, you can change the date with the option showing you a calendar highlighting the cheapest price on each date.


The booking process is really quick and safe. Just fill up the correct data in the form (which can be done much faster if you are registered as a member) and finalize the booking so you can continue to the payment. Traveloka App offers various payment methods. Both the application and the payment methods are well encrypted and security certified. As such, you don’t need to worry about safety issues while using this.


The other best thing about the application is the HONESTY. Traveloka is well known as the best OTA that offers honest price. All the price shown is the final price you will pay, which already includes the tax, surcharge, and fees (without any hidden fees).

Once you’ve paid your booking, the e-ticket and/or the e-voucher will quickly be sent to you within minutes. So, isn’t it interesting? Come, let’s start our travelling plan with Traveloka.

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