Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales halted due to battery explosion issue.

Samsung Malaysia has officially responded to the issue related to their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone where 35 cases of battery explosion has occured globally ever since the device was introduced to the market.

Below is the copy of their official statement : 


Based on the statement, the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been halted temporarily while the issue is fixed. This is the first time such a drastic move from Samsung has happened, which indicates the seriousness of the issue.

Now, what happens to existing users who has spent so much money for a lemon unit? Don’t worry, your device will be replaced with a new one within the next few weeks. As for now, we don’t recommend you to use your current unit (seriously, why would someone use something that could possibly harm them?).

So what do you do while waiting for a replacement, especially if you don’t have a spare phone? Again, don’t worry. You can already call the exclusive hotline for Galaxy Note 7 at 1-800-88-7799 and get to know more about their replacement program from there.

Basically, you need to return your Note 7 (full set with all necessary proof of purchase such as receipt and warranty card) and they will provide another temporary device for you to use while waiting for the replacement.

How long do you need to wait…..exactly how long? According to the spokesperson from Samsung Malaysia, it will be about 2 weeks to be exact before you can get your replacement unit.

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