Yes 4G to launch SIM based services on 30th of June.

During the launch of Samsung J Series devices today, Mr. Wing K Lee who is the CEO of Yes 4G has told us that they will be revealing more information about their new 4G plans on the 30th of June. Well, we already know what’s going to happen because those J Series devices that were launched today were packed with Yes 4G prepaid SIM cards (yes, you heard it right, there were SIM CARDS INSIDE). 

That is a good news because we always wished that we can use Yes 4G without carrying a separate device around. During the event today, we were also shown a demo of how fast Yes 4G VoLTE (voice over LTE) is. Calls were connected within less than 2 seconds and the voice quality was so clear.

Well, we don’t have much information at the moment but all we know is, Yes 4G will also be giving up to 12 GB of bonus data to its existing postpaid customers. To be frank, we are quite excited with this. Let’s hope for the best on the 30th of June. Hopefully Yes 4G will not disappoint us like Webe.

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