[Review] Nonda Zus smart car finder & dual USB car charger.

Nonda Zus is a 2-in-1 device where you can use it to charge your devices in your car and also find back your car if you don’t remember where you parked earlier. When I first got this device, I was more curious to try the car finder functionality, probably because it is something new for me and I thought it will be quite useful too. 

  • Designed in Germany.
  • ElegantShine™ Lighting.
  • Smart Device Detection.
  • No data plan required.
  • Titanium coating.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Smart car locator.
  • US military grade quality.
  • 2x charging speed (max 4.8A).
  • Low energy bluetooth.
  • German bayer material.
  • ZUS cooling system.





The unboxing process is pretty straight forward. Inside the packaging, you will find the smart car charger, a quick start guide and another simple guide on how to connect the Nonda Zus to your phone and use it as a car finder.

Basically there are 2 USB ports. The good thing about the ports is they are reversible, which means that you can insert your USB cable upside down and it will still enter. Overall it is a very solid and lightweight device.



As for charging, it is straight forward. You need to use your own cable because there is no cable inside the box. Probably it is a cost factor I believe. Also, using your own cable makes more sense due to the length.

To understand better about the device, let’s watch the video below :



The charger does a great job overall. In terms of charging, I am not able to determine how fast it charges a device from zero to full because I travel short distances. One thing that I realised is, I’ve used many other car chargers and usually in about 15 minutes, my device will only get charged about 2-3 percent. However with Nonda Zus, I was able to charge my device up to 8 percent within the same time frame.

ElegantShine™ Lighting is really helpful in low light conditions. It is easier for me to slot in my USB cable even in a pitch dark environment. As for the build quality, the device is definitely durable and well built. I am having this device for several weeks and most of the time, I will just leave it inside my car. The weather is extremely hot in Malaysia nowadays and for a car which is parked under the hot sun for several hours, I think you will understand well on how high the temperature will be inside the car. Fortunately, the charger is still working well until today.

In terms of compatibility, you don’t need to worry whether your device is incompatible or not unless you are using some old school phone because any device that uses a USB cable will work well with Nonda Zus. If you are still wondering whether your device is compatible, ask yourself these questions :

  • Do you charge your phone using a power bank?
  • Do you connect your phone to computer using a cable?

If your answer is yes for any of the above, then your phone can be charged using Nonda Zus.



To use this function, you first need to install the app. This feature is only available for iOS and Android users. Below are the download links :

Once you’ve installed the app, you can connect your smartphone to the car charger by following the instructions in the guide that comes inside the box. It is pretty straight forward actually. Just turn on your car and plug in the car charger into the cigarette lighter port. After that, open the app from your smartphone / tablet and get connected. You are required to register an account (which is free) and login using that ID to use the app. Basically the car charger gets connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Some of you might have this question in your mind. Can this device be used to locate a stolen car? Unfortunately the answer is no. That was never the intention of this feature. Basically the feature is just for you to get your way back to the last place that you parked your car.

It is a nice feature for those who have problem remembering where they parked their car and I am glad that it does its job without any problem. There is even a map in the app which pins down the exact spot where you’ve parked your car but this is highly dependent on your phone’s GPS. As it is integrated with Google Maps, you also need data on your phone.

The car finder feature has one disadvantage where if you parked your car inside a building, then you will not be able to use this feature. Yes, this feature only works if you’ve parked your car outdoor.



Another sweet feature that I found in the app is the parking ticket reminder. If you parked your car at places where there is a time limit or you need to pay every 2-3 hours to renew, then this feature will be extremely useful. You can just select the time frame e.g. 1 hour and the app will remind you 10 minutes before so that you can get back to your car before the parking time expires.

Good :

  • Fast charging feature.
  • Reversible USB ports.
  • Able to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
  • Lightweight.
  • ElegantShine™ Lighting for easy use in low light condition.
  • Great build quality.
  • Car finder feature.
  • Parking ticket reminder.


Bad :

  • Car finder doesn’t work for indoor parking.
  • Requires app to run in the background if parking ticket reminder is active.
  • Your device may still access data to quickly lock the GPS location of your car and to use the map feature.


Nonda Zus smart car finder and dual USB car charger is currently on sale where you can get it for USD 29.99 (actual price is USD 49.99). For more information, please visit Nonda.co.

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