Windows Phone is the 2nd mobile OS in Malaysia | Q4 2013 shipment of WP devices were more than iPhones.

Windows Phone achieved record sales in Q4 2013 and surprisingly, Malaysia is part of the record too. Firstly, there were more WP devices shipped in Malaysia compared to iPhones. Also, WP is the 2nd top mobile operating system in Malaysia. This is really a surprise to me because I hardly see anyone using WP device.

Anywhere I go, I see Android devices the most. Even my friends and family members are using Android devices (and some Nokia feature phones). I also see people using Apple iPhone but WP device? One of my colleague from Australia was using a WP device and that is the only one that I can think of. Anyway, good to see that WP is getting a popular mobile OS in Malaysia. Although I don’t see much people using WP device (around me at least) but the simple logic behind this is the price factor and the variety. 

Yes, the iPhone is firstly an expensive device. Even I will think twice (probably more) if I want to buy an iPhone but for Windows Phone, you can get it for as low as RM399. In fact, Windows Phone like Lumia 520 and Lumia 525 were sold the most compared to any other Windows Phones. People buy these phones because it is very affordable and it is a SMARTPHONE. Well, an Android phone at this price is actually not a smartphone but a junk phone. It is so crappy and I don’t know how can people actually use these low budget Android phones.

As for the variety, although there is generally no variety as in the operating system itself, but there are quite a number of different devices, with different hardware specification and offering different feel to its users via different designs. For example, if you need something trendy and colourful, you can get the Lumia 920. If you need something which has a business look, the Lumia 925 is for you. Lumia 1520 is for someone who needs a combination of phone + tablet in one or a big phone. Lumia 1020 is for photography enthusiasts (well, those are just from my point of view). If you look at iPhone, there are only 2 variations in the market currently and both are expensive if you ask me. People will generally go for the more premium iPhone 5S instead of the 5C because they can afford RM400 extra to get the best one. For students who are on a budget, Lumia 525 gives the same trendy feel and it is just RM499 (versus the iPhone 5C which is at RM1999).

Anyway, I need to get myself a Windows Phone too. I was planning to get the Nokia Lumia 1520 but lets see how it goes.


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