Hotlink now supports 4G LTE | Upgrade your SIM to 4G LTE SIM for free.

Based on what I can recall, it was U Mobile who first brought LTE 4G support to their prepaid plans. Celcom followed up soon by activating 4G LTE for their prepaid plans as well. Now it is Maxis’s turn. They have now activated 4G LTE for their prepaid plan (known as Hotlink). With this, you can enjoy high speed mobile internet on your phone as long as your phone supports LTE.

If you want to use 4G LTE on your Hotlink SIM card, you must first change your current SIM to the latest 4G LTE SIM which is provided for free. However, I am not sure if there are any terms and conditions to get the free replacement. Probably you must activate monthly internet to enjoy this free replacement? Or get a device from Maxis? Well, I am not sure. Anyway, you can easily get the answer by visiting the nearest Maxis Centre, Maxis exclusive partners or Maxis dealers.

More information about this at Hotlink’s website.

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