Yes 4G | Yes Connect Beta for Yes Go is now available for Linux Ubuntu and Debian.

Its quite surprising to see that Yes 4G has released their Yes Connect app (beta version) for Linux operating system. There are not many companies who will do this due to commercial reasons but well, good to see that Yes 4G is doing something which is out of the box.

This beta app is meant for Ubuntu and Debian (64bit). I am not sure if Yes 4G has plans to bring it to other Linux distributions as well because from what I see, they might only focus on Linux OSes which are more popular. If you would like to download Yes Connect for Linux, you need to participate in their beta program. A Yes ID and your email address is required to register for this program. You can download the app from HERE. So, are you happy that you can now use Yes Go (Yes 4G dongle) on your Linux computer? :p


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