Windows XP machines to become hackers’ target once Microsoft stops support in 2014.

Are you still using a Windows XP? Yeah, I was using one too. Windows XP was first introduced in year 2001 and in 2002, I bought my desktop computer which had Windows XP pre-installed. At that time, I felt like ‘WOOOOOOOOOW’ when I started using my computer. Well, that was not my first computer. I’ve tried computers running on Windows 95, Windows 98 and even Windows ME. They were all the same but XP was quite unique in terms of user interface (UI).

Well, that was a great operating system but unfortunately, it is obsolete. I know that a lot of us are still using Windows XP but the bad news is, your computer will be prone to hacking and other cyber criminal activities if you are continue using it. On 8th April 2014, Microsoft will officially discontinue their support for this operating system and it simply means that you will no longer receive any updates (mainly security updates) for your machine. 

According to statistics, there are a lot of businesses that are still using Windows XP and this is worrying because if you are using for your business, most likely your business information which is stored in your machine is in jeopardy. Even if you are using a Windows XP machine on a personal basis, your sweet moments e.g. family photos or your wedding videos which are stored in your computer might just go missing someday when hackers manage to gain access. Unless you are using it offline (without any internet connection), I don’t see a reason for you to continue using Windows XP although it is a great operating system which is suitable for your daily use.

Now, the problem with upgrading to a newer operating system is, you might also need to upgrade your computer hardware. My old Windows XP machine is able to run on Intel Celeron processor with 512MB SDRAM but my current Windows 7 computer needs at least 2GB RAM to run smoothly. Let’s leave Windows 8 aside because it requires a better hardware spec than the Windows 7 to perform optimally.

It is sad to let go Windows XP but we have to move on to keep our data secured. I miss my Windows XP computer too. When I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows Vista, I was so frustrated because Vista was nowhere near XP. Luckily Windows 7 was acceptable and today, I am happy with my Windows 7 computer that I am not looking back at Windows XP. You should try it too.

What about Windows 8? Erm, yes Windows 8 is more future proof with regular updates coming in for a much longer period than Windows 7 but I am just not able to get used to it, even till today. I’ve also tried Windows 8.1 which came pre-installed on my Acer notebook but it is just not to my liking.


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