U Mobile 4G LTE | Available for both postpaid and prepaid | With LTE devices promotion.

U Mobile Sdn Bhd has officially launched its 4G LTE service today. The coverage is very limited where it is only covering Subang, Puchong and Johor Bahru area. I was expecting for a wider coverage because when other telcos officially launched their LTE services, their coverage were much wider. Seriously, if you look at the actual coverage area, you will realise that you might not benefit from their LTE coverage yet.

Below are screenshots which shows you the coverage in Subang, Puchong and Johor Bahru (not entire JB but just a small part of it). 

Now, the good thing is, LTE service is available for quite a number of U Mobile’s plans. It is not like other telcos where you have to pay separately or subscribe to their most expensive broadband plan in order to enjoy LTE. This is good. Below are the list of  U Mobile plans which have LTE :

  • Prepaid – UMI 38 & UMI 48.
  • Postpaid – U58, U88, E58, E88, UD68, UD98, UD158, U Premium, U Platinum and Internet Share Plan 68.
  • Broadband – MB40, MB68 and MB128.
  • Booster plan – Prepaid Booster Plan and Postpaid Booster Plan.

To activate, you just need to send a SMS to 28118. Just SMS LTE ON to 28118 and your 4G LTE is activated. There are no charges to activate your 4G LTE except for the SMS charge which is just 5 cents.

Currently U Mobile is also offering some LTE enabled smartphones at a discounted price. More information about U Mobile’s 4G LTE at their website.

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