Samsung to use Note 3 leather like design in their notebooks as well?

Looks like Samsung might include artificial leather design, known as pleather (synthetic leather made of plastic) in their notebooks as well. If you are wondering how will it look like, you might take a look at Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Note 10.1 as they are already using this design.

This design may probably be used for Samsung’s new Ativ Book 9 series which is said to be running on Windows 8.1 and feature four 2W speakers for high quality sound. Samsung might be showcasing their Ativ Book 9 series in Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. 

What do you think of this move by Samsung? I assume that the pleather design will only be used at the top part of the notebook (behind the display, outer area) as it will not be suitable to be used at other areas, especially the bottom part which produces a lot of heat. Somehow, I still prefer a metal type design because it looks more premium compared to this pleather. Well, it is a personal preference and you might feel otherwise. I also have a feel that the pleather design can easily spoil or tear. What do you say?


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