Blogger Most Wanted 2013 | Malaysian bloggers gathering | MIECC Mines.

Yesterday, I was there at MYNIC’s Blogger Most Wanted 2013 event. It was a special event held for bloggers in Malaysia and this is the very first time something like this is being organised in Malaysia.

The event attracted a decent number of crowd and since it was held at the same time with Big Bad Wolf Books event, MIECC was more happening than usual. 

I get to attend some of the seminars which was held during the event. I wish I could attend all the talks but unfortunately, the schedule is made such way that several seminars were held at the same time. It was a very poor planning I would say.

There were also a lot of booths there during the event. Most of them were online sellers who were showcasing the products that they usually sell via their website.

Wow, the Google Street View vehicle was also there. I’ve heard about it but this is the first time I see it in real. The camera which is used to take the Street View photos looks really cool. Now I know how the Street View thing is done in Google Maps.


There were several hiccups in this event but overall, it was a very good job done by MYNIC together with other organising teams.

Below are some of the issues that I noticed during the event :

  • The schedule was not planned properly. The timing for seminars were clashing with each other and there were a lot of interesting talk which I couldn’t attend because of this.
  • The planner (schedule table) was so small and confusing. They should have made it simpler where people can know what’s going on with just a glance. No lines on the planner and I have to guess the time of each event. For some of the seminars mentioned on the planner, no topic was stated. Any unconfirmed seminars should not even be on the list.
  • The planner was only shared online. I believe that many of them who attended the event did not even know what is happening because they don’t have the planner with them. MYNIC should have given the planner together with the goodie bag or have the planner posted as a big banner so that people know what is going on.
  • There were so many rooms with different things going on. In some of the rooms, the seminars were held. When I reached there, I saw a big stage in the middle of all the booths and I thought that it is the main area where all the events will be happening. However, the place went quiet suddenly and much later after that, I realised that all the lucky draw session and other activities were going on at another secluded room which is right at the corner. It was overall so confusing.
  • While the event was going on at the main stage (outside), there were some lucky draws going on. The emcees picked the lucky names from the bowl but how do I know if my name is in the bowl as well? They were calling so many names but none of them came to the front to collect their prizes. Does that mean that they have put in the whole list of registered people’s names inside the bowl?
  • I was also told that some of the award winners for best blog were not present. I am sure that MYNIC has contacted them but why didn’t they turn up? They should at least send a representative to collect the award. Otherwise MYNIC should not honor them the award as they did not appreciate the recognition given to them. Well, I can’t blame the winners entirely because the nominees were announced just few days before the event. Some of them might be travelling or have other plans.
  • There were two entrances to the event place but the registration counter was set at just one entrance. Yes, obviously they can’t set counters at both places because people might register twice but they should at least have some signage to direct people who are from the other entrance so that they know where to register.

Overall, the event was not as smooth as I expected. However, please take note that it is the first time something like this has been organised and I am very sure that MYNIC can do it better next year (if they organise it again).

As we also need to know some of the good things that happened during the event, I’ve listed those good things from the event, below :

  • Goodie bag with t-shirt, lanyard and tag for absolutely FREE. This is a good thing because I hardly see organisers who are so generous to give freebies during an event. Remember, there were so many people who attended the event and it will be really costly to provide everyone with those freebies.
  • The seminars. Seriously, they were so informative. Some of the tips mentioned during the seminar were something that I myself don’t know although I am a blogger since 2007.
  • The fee to set up a booth during the event was just RM50. Well, I don’t know if the sellers were able to cover the cost as I don’t see much people buying anything from there but hey, it was just RM50. In other events, the cost to set up a booth can be several hundred Ringgit.
  • Fee to register a .MY domain is just RM30 for a year or RM50 for 2 years. This promotion is still going on until end of this month. You can register a domain name by visiting iChoose.MY. Well, probably after the contract is expired, you may need to renew the domain name at its actual price which is from RM80 to RM120 but seriously, if you plan it well, you can already monetize your blog / website very well within that period and cover the cost. This offer will be very useful especially for online sellers.
  • Recognition for bloggers. This is the best because it helps to motivate bloggers who want to achieve something through blogging. I’ve seen many bloggers who started off well but after few years, they are totally no more in this industry. Sometimes when you tell others that you are a blogger, not many will know what it is. Some may even look down on you. With this, people will now recognise bloggers and those who get into this field will know that they can be someone successful one day.
  • The F1 car game at each corner. Wow, it looked nice. I wanted to play that game but too bad because it was always occupied. That game must be really addictive. Well, I am not a gamer but just wanted to give some pose. :p

Overall, the event was nice but it can always be better. I really hope that MYNIC will organise such event every year.

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