Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display | Now available from Maxis | From RM1159 onwards.

Maxis is now offering the Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display together with their SurfMore postpaid plans. You can choose either SurfMore 50 or SurfMore 75 and the contract period is 24 months. Well, I wish that they also have a 12 months contract option. Nowadays, I hardly see any telco offering their devices on a 12 months contract. 

If you look at the table, looks like Maxis is not offering the 128GB version. Only 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions are available from Maxis but I don’t think this is a bummer because if you are planning to buy a 128GB version, you can definitely afford to buy it on cash. Yes, there will be people who want to get the 128GB version on a contract but the demand will be too little which will not be profitable enough for Maxis I believe.

More information about this offer at Maxis’s website.

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