Rumour : No iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS?

The upcoming iOS 5 will not be compatible for iPhone 3GS and previous versions. Well, this is just a rumour but I personally feel that it will be true. Two reasons for this :

– iPhone 3Gs is a 2 years old model. Many other phones e.g. Android & Symbian phones are considered as outdated by now if it is was released 2 years ago (blame the technology advancement for this). Some of the phones which were released 2 years ago are even obsolete by now. You just can’t find them anymore in the market (a brand new one, of course :) )

– pure marketing strategy. Who don’t want a profit? Apple must stop updates for iPhone 3GS so that the users of this model will eventually upgrade their phone, hopefully to another latest iPhone. Anyway, I appreciate that Apple was providing support for a model which is already deemed outdated. Some other manufacturers and OS makers will not even be bothered about their “older” models after few months.

Again, nothing is finalised. Let’s see what Apple has got to say.


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