Thank you Sony Malaysia. The Amazing Spiderman 2 was awesome.

The Amazing Spiderman 2- Rise Of Electro.

Two days ago, we were invited for a VIP premier screening of The Amazing Spiderman 2 – Rise Of Eletro, courtesy of Sony Malaysia. The movie is official on theatres starting today and we were lucky that we could watch it earlier.

I am not a movie reviewer and as such, I am saying this based on what I feel. Compared to the previous Spiderman movies, this one is slightly different with more humour and I can’t believe that  I saw Spiderman joking and being hillarious in that movie. It was funny :p hehe.  Read more »

Huawei Honor 3C is now in Malaysia at an UNBELIEVABLE price.

Huawei Honor 3C

I just got back from Huawei’s Honor 3C smartphone launch event. To be frank, I am quite surprised that such a high spec smartphone is priced  ridiculously low. Yes, it is just RM499. Can you believe it?

Well, at first, I thought that the device is having just 1GB RAM and 4GB internal memory (based on So when I went to the event, I was asked to guess the price and mistakenly assuming that it has such a low spec, I fortunately guessed the price right. Seriously, I wouldn’t have guessed it correctly if I know that the actual spec is much impressive.  Read more »

Viber Out feature is now available on Windows Phone 8 | Viber 4.1 for WP8.

Viber Out for WP8 devices.

Viber was first introduced on Windows Phone 8 devices in December last year. Today, WP8 users have another reason to rejoice. Yes, the Viber Out feature is now available via Viber 4.1 for Windows 8. If you are wondering what Viber Out is, this feature enables you to make domestic or international calls at a lower cost using VoIP. Yes, you can make calls to traditional landline phones and mobile phones without spending much.  Read more »

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra available in Malaysia starting today.

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra in Malaysia.

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra is now available in Malaysia. After the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, this Xperia T2 Ultra is the next device from Sony which carries a gigantic 6 inches display. As for the colours, you have the choices of black, white and purple, which are becoming the standard colours in Sony smart phones nowadays.

Specifications wise, this device comes with a standard mid-range specs. Let’s take a look at some of the key specs of this device :  Read more »

Is it worth to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 at RM2399?

Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung phones are in great demand not only in Malaysia but in many other countries. Ever since they started making Android devices, their popularity has shot up to a level that no other Android maker can reach at the moment. However, does it make sense for a phone to be sold at such an expensive price just because it is of a popular brand?

At first, that is what I thought when Samsung announced the price for their Galaxy S5 smartphone. Yes, it has some new and cool features such as heart rate monitor, IP67 certification for water and dust resistant, 16 Megapixel camera with selective focus, biometric fingerprint scanner and many more. However, why do I want to pay for some (or probably most) of the features that I might not use at all?  Read more »

Alienware Tournament, a battle ground for Malaysia’s leading gamers.

Alienware Gamers Tournament - Team Narastack

Alienware, a very well known brand for gaming, has recently hosted the Alienware LAN Championship with Genysis Cyber E-sport (GCE), a Malaysian organisation of gaming enthusiasts and professional administrators working to support the fast-growing e-sports community.

This tournament which was also co-funded by Intel, was held at Gaming@Brightstar, Plaza Lowyat from 22nd to 23rd of March. A total of 160 gaming enthusiasts from Malaysia took part in the battle, which involves two very popular games, Mission Against Terror and Dota 2.  Read more »

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